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Meditation cushion zafu featuring silkscreen "Lotus of the Enlightenment" symbol in gold on our purple premium silk-blend fabric, is filled with natural clean domestic organic buckwheat hulls that can be adjusted through a small zipper on the inner liner to provide just the right support for one's meditation practice.

Designed and crafted the meditation cushion cover to zip off for dry cleaning and with sewn-in carry handle for easy transport. Measures 16" dia. with a 6" loft, weighs approximately 5.0 lbs.

The lotus, rooted deep in the mud at the bottom of the pond, rises up through the murky water and opens in the sunlight, beautiful and fragrant. In Buddhism the lotus represents the True nature of all beings, who rise through samsara (earthly life) into the beauty and clarity of enlightenment.

The sacred symbols of various Eastern philosophies, religious traditions and Asian cultures, have, since ancient times, inspired spiritual development.

Zafu Meditation Cushion "Lotus Enlightenment" Burgundy

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